Burt’s Baked Goods
Burt’s Bakers make an early rise each day to fill the bakery with the comforting smell of bread baking in the ovens. They prepare the coffee for the rest of their team, who arrive before the sun is up, to make the fantastic cakes and pastries. The unit doors are then lifted and the baskets are loaded into the vans to stock Burt’s shop and to deliver to our valued wholesale customers.
Burt’s prides itself on its great variety of high quality and freshly baked products available both in our shop and for delivery right to your door. Through understanding traditional methods, but also being open to experimentation, we are always able to provide you with something familiar and also something new and exciting to try.

Our Featured Baked Goods

Chocolate Eclair

Multi Seed
Fruit Scones
Belgian Bun
Corn Bread
Millionaire’s Shortbread